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Visiting the Sacred Valley should be done with a tour group or a hired taxi because things are fairly spread out. There also are minibusses which run all the time.

Tour groups $15 and $20, plus $10 ticket to all ruins. Taxi $60, plus $10 for the ticket. A private guide would be another $60.

Here is a map of the region:

We'd probably check out Chinchero, eat in Urumbamba, and see the ruins in Ollantaytambo. We'd then head to Pisac to sleep. The market in Pisac on Sunday morning is supposed to have great crafts and food. It takes about an hour to get from Pisaq back to Cuzco, so Dave and Aneel will need to leave by 1pm in order to get to the airport for their flight.

HOTELS - March 19 ~ ~

  • booked one M and one D $13 per person w/private bathroom

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