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Project Owner: Aneel

Project Status: Complete.

Instructables Write-up

I want to mount my Treo on my motorcycle's handlebars and use a bluetooth GPS receiver to tell me where to go.

I got this holder and mounting kit and installed it on the bike. It looks pretty good, but the Treo is a little too thick for the hooks to attach securely, and will get even thicker if I put a protective skin or case on it. I may have to replace the top bit with something custom made. Perhaps it would be enough to stick a huge patch of velcro on it. I'd want to actually attach that to a case, rather than the Treo itself, though. Or perhaps a Battery Cover.

I ordered the GPS receiver: TomTom Navigator 5

Here's the snag: the Treo has to be powering its screen and its bluetooth circuit the whole time the receiver is going. Reports indicate that I can reasonably expect about 3hrs out of a battery. Fine for around the bay area, but not enough for a serious day of riding.

Now I could just get some extra batteries and an external charger and change the batteries during rest breaks...

...or I could wire the Treo into my motorcycle's battery. It seems like the rational way to do this would be to get a cigarette lighter adapter kit that plugs into the battery and a standard car charging cord. More exciting would be wiring into the power that's going to the headlight and setting up a charging circuit there.

(I ordered the kit)

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