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Project Owner: Aneel

Project Status: Stalled, waiting on inspiration and ideas on how to mount the LEDs

An armguard Inside view A spike unscrewed

I have these spiky leather armguards. Each spike is mounted on a screw that goes through the leather. I'd like to replace the spikes with LEDs that can flash in patterns. I have built circuitry based around PIC microcontrollers that can do various LED flashing, but haven't figured out how to mount them or control them.


  • Radio control, so I don't need wires running between them. I have a couple little receivers and transmitters that I've never played with.
  • Beat detection? Timing by tapping a switch?
  • The leather gauntlets aren't really that comfortable to begin with. Maybe some other material would be cool? Transparent?
  • Each gauntlet has space for 100 LEDs. In interesting colors, that starts to get expensive.
  • I don't know how to mount the LEDs. They could sit on one side of the leather and be attached by their leads to wiring on the inside, but that might be fragile.
  • Protecting the circuitry from sweat and spilled drinks, and the arm from pokey wires

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