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Amaru Hostal

Cuesta San Blas, Cusco
Tel: 225933
Email: or

$25/room d or m, $17 s (do not have t)

  • March 17th: Jenny & Dave(m), Don & Aneel(d)
  • March 18th: Jenny & Dave(m), Don & Aneel(d)
  • March 20th: Jenny & Don(d)
  • March 25th: Jenny & Dave(m), Don & Aneel & Yuri(s+d)
  • March 26th: Jenny & Aneel & Yuri(s+d)
Semana Santa

We were fortunate to be in Cuzco for Easter as it is a huge celebration here.. on Good Friday we watched a huge parade of holy statues from the Cathedral to one of the churches. There were about 10,000 people in the main square watching the procession. The locals are very religious as proved by the hundreds of people in queues outside all the churches on Holy Thursday - we think they were queues for making confessions!!

A different slant to the religious rituals occurs on Good Friday when abstinence is not practiced. Instead, participants feast on twelve traditional dishes, from soups, fish, potato dishes to desserts. Again on Easter Sunday, celebrating with food ends the Semana Santa observations.

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