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Peru items not going to Hawaii

  • Misc
    • Passport
    • Vaccination Record
    • Swiss army knife Unless I'm checking a bag...
  • Toiletries
    • Drugs
      • Melatonin Didn't really help me.
      • Levaquin (Antibiotic) Didn't use, but good to have.
    • Toilet Paper Take a little bit, folded, not a roll.
    • Dental Floss Yuri used a bit of this for string, but I didn't.
    • Conditioner I no longer have enough hair to need this
    • Packtowel? Not used.
    • Nail clippers
  • Clothes
    • Nylon belt Broke. Replaced with a normal leather belt
    • Gloves Used once. Could have just stayed inside the boat
    • Spare shoelaces Not used.
  • Books
    • Phrasebook Lost? Not missed?
    • Dictionary Used only a few times, never essential
  • Elph Bag
    • Elph: 1x512MB I used this less than I expected, but it was nice to have
    • Battery
  • Gear Bag
    • Elph charger
    • Underwater case Not used.
    • 2 ElectricalAdapter A lot of places in Peru had outlets that took both kinds of plugs
    • Camera Manual Not used.

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