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Guidebooks and a bunch of travel agency pages mention a Visit Chile pass:

This pass would be nice because of the low, fixed cost of a coupon. However, I can't figure out where to get it. I can't find a reference to it on Lan's Website.

The closest I've found is this One World Visit South America pass:

The flights are potentially a lot more expensive with it than with the Visit Chile pass, but perhaps cheaper than buying separate tickets. map of peruvian cities

TelÈfonos reservas LanChile:

Argentina: 4378 2222  /  0800- 222 2424 (desde provincias)
Brasil: 259 2900 (Sao Paulo)
Chile: 526 2000 (Santiago)  /  600-526 2000 (desde regiones)
Per˙: 213 8200 (Lima)
USA: 1 800 735 5526 (sÛlo desde USA)  /  1 305 670 9999 (desde otro

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