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Flights that might fit TravelSchedule

General notes: Flights from were always cheaper than from or any of the similar aggregators that I tried. Aerocontinente appears to have gone out of business (it was mentioned having cheap flights on some of these routes in the guidebooks). Aerovias DAP seems to fly many fewer routes than the guidebooks suggest. I suspect that for those of use flying SCL->CUZ, an AirPass is going to look like a good deal.

There's no air service from PuertoNatalesChile to PuertoMonttChile

  • SantiagoChile -> CuzcoPeru (CUZ)
    • Lan: 3/17 $563.00 Looks like it's nearly sold out. 3 of 5 flights are not available. 3/16 $603.00 has only 1 of 5 flights full.

  • CuzcoPeru -> ArequipaPeru (AQP)
    • Lan: 3/20. 2 flights, 3:35pm and 4:05pm. There are something like 7 different flight classes, ranging from $38 to $100. I'm not sure what's up with that.
There appears to be no direct air service between JuliacaPeru and CuzcoPeru. PunoPeru does not have an airport.

  • CuzcoPeru -> LimaPeru
    • Lan: 3/27 (Easter) 9 flights, 7:50am-4:05pm. $69-$145.
    • Taca: 3/27 1 flight, 8:05am. $66.

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